(28KHz Series)

Face-mask Ultrasonic Welding Machine for N95/Disposable mask earloop @28Khz Series


  • Compact, beautiful and light design.
  • Full bridge ,automatic frequency tracking,locking and fixing.
  • Complete Intelligent, N95/KN95 and flat face mask earloop can be both welded.
  • Humanized design, the whole metal base is movable, no need to buy table from us, the whole device can be placed in any flat table directly(This design saves a lot of freight cost for customer)

Full set including :

  1. 28KHz Ultrasonic generator
  2. 28KHz Ultrasonic transducer
  3. Welding head(horn)
  4. Foot switch
  5. Pneumatic cylinder part
  6.  Metal support and Metal base

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